Fond du Lac Community TheatreĀ Memorial Scholarship

Each year, Fond du Lac Community Theatre (FDLCT) offers a Memorial Scholarship to students who qualify and meet the criteria. The FDLCT Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of the dedicated men and women who shared their time and talents in FDLCT productions and within the organization. This scholarship also acknowledges and supports youth involved in our theatrical productions.

Applicants need to be high school seniors or students currently enrolled in higher education wishing to continue their studies. Students must have been involved in at least two Fond du Lac Community Theatre productions and will be asked to list any type of involvement in these productions, including but not limited to; performer/stage, musician, technician, and crew. The scholarship is offered in the amount of $500.00 and will be awarded prior to the fall semester.

Applications are accepted in the spring of each year. Please check back for the application when the scholarship application opens. Should you have questions regarding this, please connect with us via email at fdlctboard@gmail.comĀ