Encore Class Signup

Encore Class Signup

These online theatre classes will be taught over Zoom by FDLCT actors and directors. Each class is held at 10:00am on Saturday mornings.

Cost: $10 per class
Length of Class: 60-90 minutes
Class Size: maximum of 10
Questions? Email fdlctboard@gmail.com

Past Workshops:
Stage Makeup – Katherine Gilliland-Ahrens
Comedy Improv – Sarah Calvert
Full Body Acting and Stage Presence – Rebecca Deitsch
Creating a Character – Trevor Clementi
LaBlast Dance – Lisa Weinshrott-Kimmel
Stage Props – Katherine Gilliland-Ahrens

Upcoming Workshops

April 10: Preparing for an Audition – Nancy Irizarry-Beachy
This class will teach young performers the elements of auditioning. Participants will get an opportunity to practice skills and perform a short music/speaking audition piece. Students should have a 1 minute song prepared.

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Apr. 10: Preparing for an Audition - Nancy Irizarry-Beachy

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If you will be paying by cash or check, you will receive an email from fdlctboard@gmail.com with instructions on how to deliver payment. If you will be paying by card, PayPal or Venmo, please complete the form above and then continue to the payment form below.

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Please use the quantity dropdown to select the number of different classes your child/children will attend. (Any number of children in one household can attend each class.)