Fond du Lac Community Theatre (FDLCT) was founded in 1958. Original founding members had vision, dedication, and tenacity. With their forward-thinking drive, FDLCT became a reality.

In the early years, FDLCT had a meager beginning. The group began accumulating items as ideas turned into reality. Storage was an issue. In fact, members of the organization graciously stored things at their homes, borrowing them back to the theatre when needed.

In the 60s, rehearsals and performances happened  at Roosevelt Jr High auditorium stage; rehersals also took place at the YMCA, Chegwin and Parkside Schools . Today, still using the spaces of our Fond du Lac School District, FDLCT primarily holds shows at either Goodrich Little Theatre or the Fond du Lac High School Performing Arts Center.

In the beginning, musical theatre was a separate group of the overall organization, eventually going out of business in the early to mid 60s.  FDLCT did not do musicals; however, that has since returned and annually a musical is part of the playbill.

The props and costumes areas got their start through the generous donation of many people. Costumes came from closets, theatrical costumers in Milwaukee, or were hand-made.

Members supplemented the coffers by doing mini shows for money.  Annual gigs at South Hills and musical performance numbers for whoever asked laid the groundwork to building a stable financial framework.  Members were so proud when the checking and savings accounts reached $25,000 with all bills paid in the summer of 1985.

Members and volunteers did all the lighting back in the day, including the Goodrich Little Theatre staff.

Sister Annela/Imogene was one of the directors and was known as a rigid taskmaster.  She used a hand-held clicker which she clicked during rehearsals to speed up dialog.

Lorrie Hull was a terrific director in the early days of the group.  She tackled various genres, including one-act play competitions where FDLCT members fared very well over the years.

Orchestras:  Early on we used only a pianist.  Now, shows can include a full pit.

The rich history of Fond du Lac Community Theatre is really in its people. Long hours, tireless nights, and so on….each person who has graced the staged, hammered a nail, promoted a show, or bought a ticket….we are forever grateful for you. Thank you.