Announcing Our Town postponement, addition of A Crooked French Affair

Not all well-laid plans go, well, as planned. 

Fond du Lac Community Theatre (FDLCT) released the 2022-23 season with enthusiasm this last summer. The plan was to deliver Footloose, Our Town, Disenchanted, SpongeBob the Musical, and Newsies Jr….and, for the most part, we still plan to do that. However….

Our Town auditions occurred, rehearsals began, then…due to unforeseen circumstances, things did not continue as planned. Because of the very busy time of year, we were unable to completely fill the cast roles.  By postponing the show to a different time of year, we hope it will draw more interest.  We look forward to sharing this classic Thornton Wilder play with the city of Fond du Lac, and we are working diligently on incorporating this production into the 2023-2024 season.  In the meantime, we have something pretty exciting to share with you:

The Wisconsin premiere of A Crooked French Affair, written by local playwright Kim Ruyle!

Shows will run March 23-26, 2023.

What is this premiere about? Let us tell you: Perry, a wannabe playwright/director, has written his first play, A Crooked French Affair, ostensibly a dramatic romance set in the royal court of Louis the 15th. When he pitches his play to the dysfunctional Board of Directors of the Pity Falls Community Playhouse, it throws them into a conniption fit. Against all odds, Perry’s play is selected, and now the real work begins with the cast of amateur, inept actors, who work on a set and in costumes designed by recruits from the local junior high school. Complicating everything is an undercurrent due to the affair between Perry’s wife and the husband of Avis, a board member who is recruited to play a part in Perry’s play. On opening night, the production loses its way yet creates a stunning audience reaction and a fortuitous discovery for Perry.

We at FDLCT are over-the-moon excited to be the organization Kim decided to host his premiere with. If you are a season ticket holder, we can move your tickets from Our Town to A Crooked French Affair. Or, if you prefer, we can refund you for that one show. Season sponsors, you will now receive your complimentary tickets to this new performance. 

If you have any questions, please call us at (920) 923-2206 and leave a message with Megan.


Fond du Lac Community Theatre