FDLCT presents “Grumpy Old Men: The Musical” Sept. 26-29

Grumpy Old Men: The Musical – Sept. 26–29

Directed by Maggie Patton and Mary Runde

Auditions June 1–2

Auditions will be held at the FdL Community Theatre Firehouse, 250 West 9th Street in Fond du Lac. Auditionees may come any time on Saturday, June 1 from 9 AM- 1PM or Sunday, June 2 from 1PM to 4PM.

Prepare a short vocal audition, we will have an accompanist available if needed. Auditions will also include a cold read from the show.

Call Backs: Tuesday, June 4 6:30-8PM.

Rehearsals will begin the week of July 29 most likely from 6:30-8:30 PM, times may be
flexible as the needs of the cast dictate.

Show Dates are Thursday, Sept. 26, Friday, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Sept. 28 at 7 PM,
with a Matinee on Sunday,Sept 29 at 2PM

If you are interested in the show and are unable to attend auditions, please contact one
of the directors for an alternate time or method of auditioning.
Directors: Maggie Patton and Mary Runde
Mary Runde: mary.claire.runde@gmail.com
Maggie Patton: pattonmap@gmail.com

About the Show

Based on the movie, Grumpy Old Men, this show celebrates small town living, while examining why John and Max are indeed Grumpy Old Men. John and Max are surrounded by a great cast of characters: their children, Melanie and Jacob, John’s dad, Grandpa, the new neighbor, Ariel, Chuck, who owns the local bait shop and his cousin Punky. The villainess, Snyder, from the IRS who is seeking unpaid taxes from John. The ensemble consists of local mailman Harry, Tim, the minister, who is married to Unis, Stan, a polka champ, married to Fran, Karla, the local coffee shop owner, and Lo and Bo, the local jacks of all trades round out the cast.

Cast Descriptions

Max: age Mid 50’s-early 70’s
Lead character
Max is a gruff, retired appliance repairman; widower.

John: age Mid 50’s-early 70”s
Lead Character
John is more mild mannered than Max; retired Social Studies teacher; widower.

Ariel: age Mid 50’s-early 70’s
Professor at a local college, widow, recently arrived in Wabasha, and is the object of great interest to the entire town, but especially to Max and John. Ariel is a sexy middle aged woman, who enjoys life and finds what she is looking for in Wabasha.
Vocal Range: Second Soprano

Grandpa: age mid 60’s-?
John’s dad. Is the master of slightly off color comments, and is able to help solve the
problems facing John.

Melanie: age mid 20’s to mid 30’s
John’s daughter who is considering divorcing her husband and moving. Finds it difficult to be honest with her dad, but is able to share her life story with Jacob, Max’s son.
Vocal Range: Alto to Second Soprano

Jacob: age mid 20’s to mid 30’s
Max’s son. An attorney who is considering moving to New York to get away from Wabasha. Finds it difficult to be honest with his dad, but is able to share his problems
with Melanie.

Chuck: age mid 50’s-mid 70’s
The wise owner of the local bait shop/coffee shop/general store. Chuck has heard all the stories of the townsfolk, and has dreams of retiring to Hawaii.

Snyder: any age over 25
Snyder is the IRS agent who is sneaky and determined to find John and bring him in for his back taxes. She is both uptight and slightly sexy in a buttoned up way.
Vocal Range: Alto to Second Soprano
Leads a big dance number.

Punky: any age over 30
Punky has just moved to Wabasha. She is Chuck’s cousin, and is rather naive. She has a fresh perspective on all the goings on in Wabasha.
Vocal Range: Alto, has a great solo about Home.


Harry: age mid 30’s and up
Harry is an accident prone mail carrier. He brings great comic relief to the show with his multiple accidents and injuries.

Tim: age mid 30’s and up.
Local minister; married to Unis.

Unis: age mid 30’s and up
Married to Tim; helps with all of the activities at church.

Stan: age mid 30’s and up
Polka champion; married to Fran.

Fran: age mid 30’s and up
Town Gossip; married to Stan.

Karla: age mid 20’s and up
Runs the local coffee cart both in and out of Chuck’s Bait Shop.

Lo and Bo: any age over 18
Towns people with a variety of roles.

All actors in the show will help with scene changes to keep the flow of the show moving. The townspeople act as the ensemble and dance with Snyder on one number.