Musical Madness

FDLCT Musical Madness!

We’re getting in on the spirit of the season to celebrate our love for musical theatre. Vote for your favorites and see if you can predict the outcomes!

How are our brackets doing?

Thanks to all who submitted a bracket for their chance to win free tickets to upcoming FDLCT shows! The person whose bracket scores the highest will receive FOUR free tickets to shows in the upcoming FDLCT season.

Championship round results: 36% Phantom / 64% Les Miserables

Congratulations to Kim Berndt on earning 108 points and predicting the highest number of matchup winners! Check out Kim’s incredibly impressive bracket below:

First Four: .5 points per correct prediction
First Round: 1 point per correct prediction
Second Round: 2 points
Sweet Sixteen: 3 points
Elite Eight: 4 points
Semifinal: 6 points
Championship: 10 points