Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical

Directed by Trevor Clementi


With a cast featuring both adults and children, Matilda the Musical revels in the anarchy of childhood and the power of imagination. Unloved by her cruel parents and terrorized by her school’s mean headmistress, the brilliant Matilda must inspire her classmates and her teachers to stand up against injustice and change their own destiny.


Matilda Wormwood: Charlotte Estes
Miss Agatha Trunchbull: Rebecca Schmidt
Miss Honey: Kim Berndt
Mr. Wormwood: Bill Fischer
Mrs. Wormwood: Abigail Ford

Mrs. Phelps: Hannah Koechel
The Escapologist: Ben Scoresby
The Acrobat: Ellie Thelen
Rudolpho: Cody Lindau
Michael: Jozzlin Biddle
Doctor: Emily Jackson
Sergei: Nicholas Wagner
Entertainer: Tony Secord

Bruce: Macey Scoresby
Lavender: Isabelle Neumeyer
Amanda: Holly Scoresby
Natalie: Lila Desiderio
Eric: Levi Broten
Alice: Lila Menting
Hortensia: Ella Zeitler
Tommy: Jacob Christenson

Belle Berge
Anna Cargin
Alana Cole
Hailey Collett
Adrianna Dallen
Isabelle Estes
Gregory Halbur
Livi Lavrenz
Roslyn Munson
Nora Otte
Kaeley Pierce
Anna Quast
Charlotte Rabe
Sadie Scoresby
Hayley Slade
Caroline Thompson
Eleanore Thompson
Maile Villa
Nicki Villa
Devin Winkel
Joshua Ziegler
Kaitlyn Ziegler