Just Fare community shopping event

Support Fond du Lac Community Theatre and Just Fare Market for a Community Shopping Event by shopping for Christmas gifts on December 9, 2023!

FDLCT will receive 15% of sales if total purchases reach $500 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or until midnight on the online store) on Dec. 9.

With this partnership, your purchase can benefit Fair Trade farmers and artisans as well as your community theatre family!

Just Fare Market
N7645 N Peebles Lane, Suite 2
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54937


Auditions for “Newsies Jr” May 12 and 13

Fond du Lac Community Theatre invites students in 3rd-12th grade to audition for “Newsies Jr.” Auditions will be held at the Firehouse, 250 W 9th St, Fond du Lac.

Auditionees can come at any time on Friday, May 12 from 5-7:30 p.m. or Saturday, May 13 from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. Students must prepare a brief song for their audition and will be asked to do a cold read.

Performances: July 27–30, 2023, Goodrich Little Theatre

Tickets will be available on hometowntickets.com and at the door ($3 more at the door.) Typically, tickets will go on sale about six weeks prior to opening night.

Synopsis: Inspired by true events, Newsies Jr. tells the story of the newsboys who rallied across New York City to strike against unfair working conditions. Together, the newsies learn that they are stronger united and create a movement to fight for what’s right. This abridged version of the classic is perfect for families and kids of all ages.

Premiere performance of “A Crooked French Affair” this weekend!

We are proud and excited to produce the first-ever in-person performance of “A Crooked French Affair,” a new play by local playwright Kim E. Ruyle.

The synopsis of the show: Perry, a wannabe playwright/director, has written his first play, A Crooked French Affair. Against all odds, the play is selected by the dysfunctional board of the Pity Falls Community Playhouse. Now, Perry must push his show to opening night despite inept actors, shoddy sets and costumes, and a complicated affair between Perry’s wife and the husband of Avis, an actor in the play and theatre board member.

“The play is a wild ride—it’s hilarious, irreverent, and fast-moving,” said Ruyle, who is also serving as the director for the show. “The cast and crew are doing a fantastic job and seriously rising to the occasion.”

The cast features Nicholas Wagner, Liz Gonzalez, Mike Detert, Ellie Thelen Clementi, Emma Johannes, Paul Gedlinske, Liz Wustrack, Lynn Moon, Kurt Schuller, and Valerie Wendtland.

“The cast members of this show are doing an amazing job,” said Eva Thelen Dunphy, FDLCT board member. “The few scenes I got to see during their rehearsal had me laughing out loud!”

FDLCT will present “A Crooked French Affair” at the Goodrich Little Theatre, located at 72 W. 9th Street, Fond du Lac, WI. The show features adult language and innuendo. Showtimes are March 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. and March 26 at 2 p.m. Tickets are available online at  hometowntickets.com/fdlct or in person at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts. Guests can also purchase tickets at the box office one hour before each show for an additional $3.

Auditions for “The SpongeBob Musical” March 3 and 5

Adults and high school students are invited to audition for Fond du Lac Community Theatre’s summer production of “The SpongeBob Musical” directed by Trevor Clementi.

When are auditions?

Friday, March 3, 6-9pm
Sunday, March 5, 9am-12pm

Show up to one of the sessions at any time and plan to stay for at least a half hour.

Auditions will be held at the FDLCT firehouse, 250 W 9th St in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

If you cannot make it to either session, we will accept video auditions. Please email the director for more information: trevorjclementi@gmail.com

What should I prepare?

Please prepare about 1 minute long vocal audition in any style. An accompanist will be available. At the audition, we will teach you a short dance routine and provide a small number of sides for you to read aloud.


Callbacks will be held Saturday, March 11 from around 6-10pm.

When are rehearsals and performances?

You can expect most rehearsals to be held weekday evenings and some Saturdays. We’ll start in April with fewer rehearsals each week and ramp up to 4-5 days a week in June.

SHOWS are June 22–24 at 7:30pm and June 25 at 2pm.

Who can audition?

All adults and students currently in 8th grade or above may audition.

I do a great impression of a character! or, I’m not great at impressions…

The performers in this show will speak mostly in their own voices, with just a hint of the cartoon character’s tone. Also, we’re considering ALL individuals for ALL roles regardless of gender, age, height/build, race, or any other factor! Just be yourself—and prepare to audition with an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

So… SpongeBob?

Yes! The SpongeBob Musical is a brand-new show that opened on Broadway in 2017 and was nominated for 12 Tony Awards. If you’re thinking juvenile humor and mascot costumes, think again! This musical is full of heart and features colorful, creative and imaginative design. The characters are represented in “human” form wearing costumes loosely inspired by the cartoon.

In The SpongeBob Musical, the stakes are higher than ever as SpongeBob and his undersea friends have to save Bikini Bottom from total annihilation! Based on the beloved animated series, this off-the-wall musical comedy features music from many different stars such as David Bowie, Aerosmith, Sara Bareilles, Yolanda Adams, Cyndi Lauper, Panic! At the Disco, and many more.

Sandy, SpongeBob and Patrick in the Broadway show

All around the theatre, the show’s sets and props will be constructed primarily out of found objects and “trash” representing familiar locations like the Krusty Krab and downtown Bikini Bottom.

A look from the Broadway preview.

If you know and love SpongeBob, you’ll be right at home in your pineapple under the sea. Even if not, though, you’ll fall in love with the show’s hilarious script, catchy tunes and sense of pure joy!

What roles are available?

Glad you asked. There are a lot.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Perpetually optimistic and energetic. Must be comfortable with climbing/heights.
Sandy Cheeks: Brainy and athletic squirrel. Must be comfortable with climbing/heights.
Patrick Star: Well-intentioned but dim friend of SpongeBob.
Squidward Q. Tentacles: Lovably grumpy and cynical octopus with a featured tap number.
Sheldon Plankton: Nefariously charming villain, rap skills are a plus.
Karen the Computer: Plankton’s sardonic but glamorous computer wife.
Pearl Krabs: Teen whale with a killer voice.
Eugene Krabs: The greedy owner of the Krusty Krab and father of Pearl.
Mayor of Bikini Bottom: Opportunistic politician who’s anything but helpful.
Perch Perkins: Captivating and sometimes mysterious news anchor.
Patchy the Pirate: SpongeBob’s number one fan.
Larry the Lobster: As rude as he is buff.
Electric Skates: Rock and roll band members on skateboards or rollerblades/skates.
Old Man Jenkins: A crotchety and intolerant old man.
Mrs. Puff: Anxious and flustered pufferfish.
Gary the Snail (Puppet): Mrow.
And more: Hip-Hop Dancers, Mob Fish, Krabby Patty Fish, Buster Bluetang, Cowboy Fish, Rock Trio, Johnny the Bartender, Plankton’s Backup Dancers, Dancing Sponges, a gaggle of Sardine Devotees, and a showstopping chorus of Tap Dancing Sea Anemones.

We hope to see you at auditions! Any questions may go straight to Trevor at trevorjclementi@gmail.com.

Need a gift? FDLCT tickets on sale until Dec. 25, 2022

If you haven’t found a gift for that special someone yet, look no further! FDLCT is offering tickets to its upcoming shows for a limited time. This offer ends December 25, 2022!

Interested in giving tickets to more than one show? Great news—season tickets are still available! Season ticket holders will receive priority seating choice and reduced-price admission to Disenchanted!, A Crooked French Affair, and The SpongeBob Musical. They will also have the ability to purchase tickets for our Encore show Newsies Jr. for 20% off the premium ticket price.

Buy season tickets on the FDLCT site or visit the Hometown Tickets website to buy tickets for an individual show.

Auditions for “A Crooked French Affair” Dec. 17–18

Auditions for A Crooked French Affair will be on Saturday, December 17 at 10 a.m., and Sunday, December 18 at 3 p.m. Auditions will be held at the FDLCT Firehouse building, 250 W. 9th St., Fond du Lac. Please note the information below to prepare.

  1. A Crooked French Affair is a comedy with mature themes. The cast consists of six
    females and four males. Ethnic and age diversity is encouraged.
  2. Notify Kim Ruyle, the director, kim.ruyle@inventivetalent.com, of your intent to audition.
    He will provide an advance copy of the audition script, character descriptions, and
    suggestions for preparation.
  3. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early before the start time of the audition to turn in or
    complete paperwork and to be oriented for the audition.

Questions? Contact the director, Kim Ruyle at: kim.ruyle@inventivetalent.com

Synopsis: Perry, a wannabe playwright/director, has written his first play, A Crooked French Affair, ostensibly a dramatic romance set in the royal court of Louis the 15th. When he pitches his play to the dysfunctional Board of Directors of the Pity Falls Community Playhouse, it throws them into a conniption fit. Against all odds, Perry’s play is selected, and now the real work begins with the cast of amateur, inept actors, who work on a set and in costumes designed by recruits from the local junior high school. Complicating everything is an undercurrent due to the affair between Perry’s wife and the husband of Avis, a board member who is recruited to play a part in Perry’s play. On opening night, the production loses its way yet creates a stunning audience reaction and a fortuitous discovery for Perry.

Kim E. Ruyle is a playwright based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and a member of The Dramatists Guild of America and The Playwrights’ Center. His stories come from a unique perspective. A US Army veteran with blue-collar roots, Kim went on to earn three master’s degrees and a PhD. He had a 30-year career as a leadership and talent management consultant. Writing for the stage is a second career for Kim beginning a few short years ago. His first four plays have won awards and productions.

Learn more about Kim: https://www.kimruyle.com/


PERRY (PERICLES): Male. An aspiring playwright and director. He lacks confidence but is enthusiastic about his writing. Perry directs his own play in which he also plays the role of François de la Peyronie.

AVIS: Female. Board member. Self-righteous, heavy-handed, and obsessed with the thought of getting revenge on her cheating husband. Agrees to play the part of Madame de Pompadour in the play-within-the-play.

FAWN: Female. Chair of the Board. Overly sensitive, sentimental. JAZMIN Female. Board member. Daring, outrageously so.

RUBY: Female. Board member. Practical, conservative, and competent.

SERGIO: Male. Board member. A player.

WILLY: Male. Board member. Highly insecure.

CHLOE: Female. Stage manager. Theatre expert, competent, confident.

CHEYENNE: Female. A serious but struggling method actor. Plays Queen Marie. Narcissistic and entitled.

LOUIE: Male. Ironically, plays King Louis XV. Initially, void of emotion on the stage. Can’t remember his lines to save his life.

Auditions for Disenchanted!, November 28-29

Mark your calendars!

Auditions for the musical “Disenchanted” will be November 28 and 29 from 6-8:30pm at the FDLCT Firehouse building 250 W 9th St, Fond du Lac.

Please prepare 32 bars of any musical theater song. You will learn some choreography and read some lines once you arrive.

We encourage an inclusive cast, and are looking for women of all body types and diverse backgrounds. This cast will be 18+ due to some adult humor.

Questions? Contact the director, Cody Lindau at: codylindau95@gmail.com

The original storybook heroines are none-too-happy with the way they’ve been portrayed in today’s pop culture so they’ve tossed their tiaras and have come to life to set the record straight. Forget the princesses you think you know – these royal renegades are here to comically belt out the truth.


Brassy and self-assured. The leader of the princess pack who likes to be in control. Also has a loving, maternal instinct. Aspires to be perfect, but she soon realizes that being perfectly ‘you’ is more important.


Perky, quirky, and impish. She’s always enthusiastic, especially when it comes to being a real life princess, but is about to discover that there’s more to being a princess than pretty gowns and shiny glass slippers.


The perfect comic foil to Snow White. Always the flippant and unpredictable cut-up. She loves to dance (sometimes uncontrollably) and is a fantastic physical comedienne. She enjoys being perfectly and uniquely herself.


A smart and witty bookworm from classic French lit who inexplicably speaks and sings with an American accent. She chats with inanimate objects, cleans up after her beast of a husband … and it’s slowly driving her insane.


A legendary folk hero of Asian descent from the poem The Ballad of Mulan. She has a good- natured sense of humor while maintaining a respect for her culture. She is excited to come out onstage and, through her heartfelt story, reveal her true self.


Once innocent and obedient, she’s now rowdy and rebellious. Having regretfully given up her seemingly idyllic life under the sea, she copes with her new reality through inappropriate yet hilarious comedy. She is the life of the party!


Plucky, valiant. She has been homogenized by an entertainment industry willing to distort her true Native-American story just to sell cinema tickets. As she comically mocks her glammed up portrayal in Hollywood cartoons, she is on a journey to restore her authentic, historical self.


Having been left out of the kingdom for decades, this Black princess is here to claim her throne and celebrate inclusivity and diversity in fairy tales. Confident; clever with a turn of phrase, loves a funny pop culture reference. Wonderfully witty; joyous.


American capitalism won’t turn this campy, Mel Brooksian songstress into a damsel in distress. Nein! Brunehildesque, strong, and fun-loving, she’s bent on getting her fair share from those who make bank off fairy tale princesses.


Originally from the South-Asian-turned-Middle-Eastern Aladdin sagas, this sultan’s daughter has had enough of being secondary in her own tale. Misogyny begone! It’s a whole new world and this independent and puckish princess is taking her story back!

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Announcing Our Town postponement, addition of A Crooked French Affair

Not all well-laid plans go, well, as planned. 

Fond du Lac Community Theatre (FDLCT) released the 2022-23 season with enthusiasm this last summer. The plan was to deliver Footloose, Our Town, Disenchanted, SpongeBob the Musical, and Newsies Jr….and, for the most part, we still plan to do that. However….

Our Town auditions occurred, rehearsals began, then…due to unforeseen circumstances, things did not continue as planned. Because of the very busy time of year, we were unable to completely fill the cast roles.  By postponing the show to a different time of year, we hope it will draw more interest.  We look forward to sharing this classic Thornton Wilder play with the city of Fond du Lac, and we are working diligently on incorporating this production into the 2023-2024 season.  In the meantime, we have something pretty exciting to share with you:

The Wisconsin premiere of A Crooked French Affair, written by local playwright Kim Ruyle!

Shows will run March 23-26, 2023.

What is this premiere about? Let us tell you: Perry, a wannabe playwright/director, has written his first play, A Crooked French Affair, ostensibly a dramatic romance set in the royal court of Louis the 15th. When he pitches his play to the dysfunctional Board of Directors of the Pity Falls Community Playhouse, it throws them into a conniption fit. Against all odds, Perry’s play is selected, and now the real work begins with the cast of amateur, inept actors, who work on a set and in costumes designed by recruits from the local junior high school. Complicating everything is an undercurrent due to the affair between Perry’s wife and the husband of Avis, a board member who is recruited to play a part in Perry’s play. On opening night, the production loses its way yet creates a stunning audience reaction and a fortuitous discovery for Perry.

We at FDLCT are over-the-moon excited to be the organization Kim decided to host his premiere with. If you are a season ticket holder, we can move your tickets from Our Town to A Crooked French Affair. Or, if you prefer, we can refund you for that one show. Season sponsors, you will now receive your complimentary tickets to this new performance. 

If you have any questions, please call us at (920) 923-2206 and leave a message with Megan.


Fond du Lac Community Theatre

Nora Otte earns 2022 Memorial Scholarship

Liz Wustrack presenting Nora with the FDLCT Memorial Scholarship
Nora Otte

We’re proud to announce that Nora Otte has earned the 2022 FDLCT Memorial Scholarship!

Nora has been involved with Community Theatre for eleven years participating in productions both on stage and behind the scenes. You may recognize her from Mamma Mia, Matilda, Sweeney Todd, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek the Musical, Wizard of Oz, Next to Normal, and Seussical the Musical. She was also very involved in our Encore Youth Productions including Elf Jr, Bugsy Malone, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Peter Pan Jr, and Aladdin Jr.

Nora attended Fond du Lac High School where she participated in Cardinal Community Mentors, Cardinal Singers, VJaM Singers, Stagecraft, and the Fond du Lac High School Theatre Program. Nora looks forward to following her passion of singing and acting in the future. She also hopes to grow her skills as a composer and songwriter by learning more about theatre and music. Nora plans to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York. 

Fond du Lac Community Theatre is thankful for Nora’s time and dedication to the organization. We have loved getting to watch Nora learn and grow through the years. Those who have had the pleasure to share the stage with her enjoy her talent, smile, positive attitude, loving heart, and sweet spirit.

We wish Nora the best of luck in her future, and can’t wait to watch her journey! 

The FDLCT Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of the dedicated men and women who shared their time and talents in FDLCT productions and within the organization. This scholarship also acknowledges and supports youth involved in our theatrical productions. Applicants need to be high school seniors or students currently enrolled in higher education wishing to continue their studies. Learn more about the scholarship.

Auditions for Footloose: July 13–14

Audition for Footloose the Musical July 13–14!

Toe-tapping pop hits underscore this adaptation of the hit film from 1984. When big-city kid Ren McCormack has to move to the tiny farming town of Bomont, he is appalled to learn about a ban on dancing instituted by the local preacher. Determined to rock the boat, Ren and his new friends team up to change their town forever.

FDLCT will present Footloose Sept. 22–25, 2022 at Goodrich Little Theatre. The production will be directed by Nancy Irizarry.

Auditions will be held July 13th and 14th from 6-8PM. Participants can arrive at any point throughout the audition time and do not need to come to both days.

In the audition, participants will:

  • Perform 1 minute of a prepared song (no accompanist, you may play your own music or sing without music)
  • Learn some choreography
  • Read lines for some parts if interested

Call-backs if needed will be on Sat. July 16th from 9-11AM.

Questions? Please contact the director, Nancy, at auntienana54@gmail.com.


Ren McCormack (Lead): Male, tenor. Energetic, emotional, rebellious, likeable; strong dancer
Reverend Shaw Moore (Lead): Male, baritone. The powerful, traditional local church leader
Ariel Moore (Lead): Female, mezzo/pop. Smart, a bit of the bad girl with an edge, role requires strong belt, must be a strong singer/dancer
Vi Moore (Supporting): Female, soprano. Reverend Moore’s loving, supportive, resilient wife
Rusty (Supporting): Female, soprano/pop. Ariel’s friend; a bit scatterbrained, role requires strong belt, strong comedic timing and dance
Willard Hewitt (Supporting): Male, tenor. A simple country bumpkin with a warm heart and a big smile; comedic timing and dance
Ethel McCormack (Supporting): Female, soprano. Ren’s mother; had a tough go, just trying to make it…would do anything for her son
Chuck Cranston (Supporting): Male, tenor. The local bad boy and Ariel’s boyfriend
Urleen (Supporting): Female, mezzo/alto. Ariel’s friend; the smart one of the group; role requires strong belt, comedic timing, and dance
Wendy Jo (Supporting): Female, mezzo. Ariel’s friend; strong belt, comedic timing, and dance required
Ensemble (Chorus / Ensemble): All ages. Townspeople, students; teenage through adults; chorus singing, dancing parts