Notice about Mamma Mia! performances

Good day FDLCT patrons,

Recently, we were notified by the Fond du Lac School District that they would be replacing the air conditioning units in the Fondy High School Performing Arts Center. At the time of notice, we were not given a specific timeline and had hoped the project would be completed prior to the curtain rising on Thursday night for Mamma Mia! We were notified today the project will not be completed in time for our performance.

This is incredibly unfortunate, and we are deeply apologetic about this situation. Although it is completely out of our hands and our control, we still carry a deep level of compassion for our patrons. The bottom line is the theatre will be warm with the anticipated temperatures.

Although we cannot expedite the completion process, we will be offering every guest a bottle of cold water at each performance. We understand this does not negate the fact it may be uncomfortable (trust us when we say, if we could install the new units, we would certainly give it our best!). Also, if you want to move your seat after the performance begins to allow for more space between you and other theatre goers, feel free.

Much of our board will be at each performance (including a couple of them in the performance). You are welcome to talk to any of us. I do ask you are kind; we did not make this decision.

We appreciate you all so much; you have no idea. We have all waited two plus years to see this extraordinary performance. As you sit in the theater, daydream about being on the beautiful Grecian coast, soaking in the warm summer air.

Tracy Qualmann
FDLCT Board of Directors, President